Create More Than Just Community; Create a Scene

When I introduced Boston University’s Dean Kenn Elmore to the folks who joined us in Boston for the live recording of this week’s episode of Marketing Smarts, I said that I wanted to discuss the myriad ways that he had used social media t

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Today’s Social Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

Glance and go content that clearly defines today’s social business, its challenges and the outcome of what a successful social business could be as presented by Michael Brito and curated by Andrea Cook at Explore.

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Seven big in-house marketing challenges

The prominence of agencies in today’s digital marketing ecosystem is not surprising: the digital marketing landscape is so complex and seemingly all-encompassing that moving forward alone simply doesn’t seem like a viable option.


How Sandy Slapped the Snark Out of Twitter

As the big storm bore down, Twitter got very busy and very, very serious.


Five Tips for Crafting a Tablet Strategy (Yes, Tablets Need Their Own Category)

New research is making it clear that marketers can no longer think of “mobile” as one big group containing both smartphones and tablets. Tablets are emerging as a separate category, one that needs to be recognized for its wide consumer appeal and uni


Seth Godin on When You Should Start Marketing Your Product, Service, or Idea

What is marketing? Is it a process of gathering as much money as you can, throwing it to the “creative” winds, and hoping something will come back? Is it a practice of interrupting as many people as possible with a message they don’t care about


Your Sales Funnel Needs More TOFU!

Turns out the single most important ingredient for an effective website is TOFU. No, not the white, vegetarian protein. We’re talking top-of-the-funnel content (TOFU), also known as marketing without the sales pitch…


Case Study: How an Audience Survey Fueled Real Business Growth

They help you know what your audience thinks is important, what they want more of, and what motivates them to buy or change their habits.But that isn’t the only thing surveys can do…

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Investing in SEO: Marketers are Doing More SEO Than They Think

A significant disconnect continues to exist between the impact that SEO can have on impressions, click-throughs and lead generation compared to PPC and the representation each receives in a typical marketing budget.

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Content Curation Tips for Stellar Social Media

What is content curation? It is the act of finding content to share throughout social media platforms. Finding relevant, interesting, and informative content to post is important for anyone in social media. There is an art and science to finding the best content and it is well worth your time to be thoughtful and careful [...]