The NaMos are Coming! The NaMos are Coming!

November is one week away, and that means NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are, too! If you’ve been thinking about reinvigorating your blogging or are finally ready to stop procrastinating on that book you’ve always wanted to write, these two great events

How to Diagnose and Cure 9 Major Content Marketing Problems by @CopyPress

Are your content marketing efforts in good health? Most mistakes people make with content marketing are totally avoidable. Let’s look at how to avoid the most common problems. Symptom 1: No Steering Wheel, No Focus Using content marketing without a

Finding Hidden Content Opportunities For Your Local Website

You’ve undoubtedly heard how important content is for your website’s rankings, and you’ve probably covered the basics. You may now be wondering, Where do I go from here? Let’s start with the basics; every website should have the following con

#SocialSkim: Facebook’s Anonymous Rooms, Kotex-Sponsored Vampires, Foursquare’s First Ad Campaign

Get the scoop on Rooms, Facebook’s new anonymous app; Foursquare’s first ad campaign; and Kotex’s lunge for vampire-loving teens. Also learn how to make sure Facebook posts appear at the best times for your audience. Skim to stay in social shape! Rea

The Top 10 Keys to Writing Attention-Capturing Subject Lines

All the great email content in the world isn’t going to do your brand a bit of good if no one opens your emails. Which is why you need attention-grabbing headlines. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Five Takeaways From the B2B Marketing Forum 2014

Marketing is one of those disciplines most folks think they can crack quickly, with just a smidgen of art and a dash of creativity. Increasingly, though, marketing is more science than anything, particularly for B2B organizations facing technological

SteamFeed TV (Ep.15): Copyblogger Kills Facebook, Parents Responsible For Kids’ #SocialMedia

In tonight’s episode we talk about Copyblogger killing their Facebook page and we talk about the Georgia ruling on parents being responsible for what their kids post on social media. Make sure you subscribe to SteamFeed TV on our YouTube Page!Autho

Who’s Really Winning The Search War?

Ask any search marketer what Google’s market share is, and they’ll likely say around 66%. That’s the stat comScore has long supplied. Contributor Eli Schwartz asks whether it’s really accurate, and conducts research to prove it. The post Who’s Real

Are You Avoiding These 3 Trouble Areas in International PPC?

You’re the PPC director of your brand’s U.S. division and one day, you decide to see what other divisions abroad are up to with their PPC campaigns. You enthusiastically dive into their account, hoping to see something inspiring. Enthusiasm quick

Storytelling, storytelling, and more storytelling

Seems like every marketing book, blog and study is talking about how we should be using storytelling as a marketing technique. I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, I think most attempts fall short. Marketers clearly believe that storytelling is a