Check out SEJ’s New #MarketingNerds and #SEJThinkTank Landing Pages by @AkiLiboon

To make your Marketing Nerds and SEJ Marketing ThinkTank experience better, we’ve launched new landing pages for our content initiatives.The post Check out SEJ’s New #MarketingNerds and #SEJThinkTank Landing Pages by @AkiLiboon appeared first on Se

PV Solar Panel Glass

The glass in a solar panel is designed to protect solar cells, but at the same time as the light efficiently and reached the solar cells efficiently without thinking. When we ask, “How does a solar panel”, tempered glass, which is the mat

How Stressed Are Marketers? [Infographic]

Stress is reaching dangerous levels for many marketers, according to a recent report. Here’s a look at what’s stressing them out the most. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Can You Calculate Social Media ROI?

I’ve been a bootstrappy, DIY, organic lead gen, jargon-slinging social media pro since way back. What I mean by that is, my social media and content marketing clients have been small and medium businesses and nonprofits. Even when I work with big F

Turkish jets join U.S.-led coalition strikes on Islamic State

Turkish jets took part in U.S.-led coalition air strikes against Islamic State in Syria for the first time on Friday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.”Our jets started last night to carry out

20 Best-Designed Software Landing Pages

Branding is closely related to marketing and website design is a huge aspect of digital marketing. Desktop software especially needs a great website because most people make their purchases online. I’ve collected this set of websites & landing page

Seven Ways Buyer Personas Can Build Your Business

Being old enough to remember when Al Gore invented the Internet and having crafted marketing communications for the original “tech trifecta” of Intel, IBM, and Microsoft, it’s been fun to watch the world of technology marketing become the world

How to Build a Content Strategy

When businesses approach us for blogs, strategy is always a sticking point. Often, business people find it difficult to formulate titles, or run out of steam quite quickly after an initial burst of enthusiasm. While having a content strategy isn’t

Migrant truck death accused in court

Three Bulgarians and an Afghan appear in court in Hungary in connection with the deaths of 71 migrants found in the back of a lorry in Austria.

Simplicity And Brand Experience: Margaret Molloy On The Siegel+Gale Simplicity Index

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, is creativity.” – Charles Mingus The biggest challenge that enterprise B2B organizations face is how.. The post Simplicity And Brand Experience: Margar