Spooky Google Doodles for Halloween 2014

Just as Halloween has seen some evolution over the years, so have the holiday-themed Google Doodles presented each year on the Web. To get us in the mood for this year’s ghouls, witches, and spooky-themed Google Doodles, let’s take a quick dive i

Twitter Gives Advice On How To Drive Sales In The 2014 Holiday Season by @mattsouthern

According to a Twitter study, 54% of users said promotions on Twitter were what motivated them to make a purchase. For businesses looking to capitalize on the sales potential of Twitter this holiday season, the company has recently released consumer

Why People Leave Your Website [Infographic]

Attracting visitors to your website is only the first step — once they get there, you want to make sure they hang around. What’s more, you want them to click through to other pages on your website, whether that means reading a blog post, filling out

Now You Can Stay Logged In To Multiple Google Accounts On The Same Browser by @mattsouthern

It’s not always the biggest changes that are the are the most newsworthy. Google recently announced a small change that’s actually very significant in terms of how it can improve the lives of its users. The Google AdWords Google+ account put out

Dean Del Mastro found guilty on all counts – CTV News

Ottawa CitizenDean Del Mastro found guilty on all countsCTV NewsLINDSAY, Ont. — Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, once a political pitbull who defended his party from partisan claims of dirty electoral tricks, has been found guilty of exceedin

Parliamentary hero Kevin Vickers gets high praise from Stephen Colbert – Toronto Star

Toronto StarParliamentary hero Kevin Vickers gets high praise from Stephen ColbertToronto StarWASHINGTON—He’s been called “Canada’s New National Hero” by the Washington Post. He’s made the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Now the sergeant

Momentology’s @DannyGoodwin on Tired Marketing Trends, Leaving Search Engine Watch by @wonderwall7

Danny Goodwin has had an illustrious career in marketing, editing, and search. After leaving Search Engine Watch, where he was associate editor, in August 2014, he joined Linkdex to launch Momentology, which is described as, “[a] leading digital ma

How to Create Content That Drives Lots of Organic Traffic

Have you ever wondered why some types of content generate lots of search traffic and others don’t? I too was wondering about that, so I started to look for patterns and analyze competing blogs. What I found was interesting – so interesting that I dec

#SocialSkim: Ello Ad Ban, Facebook vs. YouTube, Tumblr Autoplay Ads, Taco Bell Blacks Out, More!

Get the skim on Ello’s self-imposed ad ban and Taco Bell’s attention-grabbing social wipeout. You’ll also see how YouTube video shares stack up against native videos on Facebook (not well), and find new ad offerings on Tumblr and Snapchat. Skim for t

Four Metrics to Track During Your Next Virtual Event

Attendance alone does not determine an event’s success, especially an online event’s. Here are four types of metrics to help you measure overall effectiveness and success before, during, and after your next virtual event. Read the full article at Mar