Create More Than Just Community; Create a Scene


When I introduced Boston University’s Dean Kenn Elmore to the folks who joined us in Boston for the live recording of this week’s episode of Marketing Smarts, I said that I wanted to discuss the myriad ways that he had used social media t

Your Sales Funnel Needs More TOFU!


Turns out the single most important ingredient for an effective website is TOFU. No, not the white, vegetarian protein. We’re talking top-of-the-funnel content (TOFU), also known as marketing without the sales pitch…

Content Curation Tips for Stellar Social Media

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What is content curation? It is the act of finding content to share throughout social media platforms. Finding relevant, interesting, and informative content to post is important for anyone in social media. There is an art and science to finding the best content and it is well worth your time to be thoughtful and careful [...]

Consumer Email Behavior: Using Images in Email Marketing

This is the first in an ongoing series where I will be sharing insights from a consumer survey from my firm. As the title suggests, I will be focusing specifically on the email behaviors of consumers. This survey was completed in May 2012 and feature

Google rolls out latest Panda algorithm, quality content marketing can safeguard your site

Google rolled out Panda 3.9 on Tuesday, and about 1 percent of all queries were affected.

The Business Case for a Content-First Approach


Why should we spend all this money on strategy, when we have the budget and staff we need to start publishing content now? It’s a sensible question. Marketing dollars must be spent wisely. And so every “new” suggestion is (rightfully) met with at least a little skepticism. The good news is that when it comes [...]

5 Secrets Behind A Strong B2B Content Marketing Strategy


In B2B social media, the best results come with great content. With this content, you can showcase expertise and provide helpful insight; you can attract attention and make clients and customers interested in you and your company’s services.

Lessons from the Content Marketing Hall of Shame


“A major mistake involves too much ‘me, me, me.’ Marketers like to talk about themselves first. But if we think like publishers and focus on the reader’s needs, we have a better opportunity to deliver quality information. Remember, our customers don’t care about us, they care about themselves.”

How to Build — and Keep — an Engaged Audience

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Every web publisher — and especially content marketer — yearns for an engaged and loyal audience. But with the sheer volume of noise, clutter and — well, content — online it can be hard to figure out how to reach people and keep them coming back for more.

A Manifesto of Content Marketing

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Last month in Philadelphia, I gave a 10-minute presentation on content marketing to an audience at SEER Interactive’s SearchChurch. Since the setting was so unique, I tried a different format and style that I haven’t done previously…