Is Print Dead or is it that the Strong Survive?


Spoiler alert: We at Tippingpoint Labs absolutely do not believe that print is dead. We believe it is a powerful medium. Having said that, many believe that print is dead as witnessed by the 42 million results Google shows when searched and these sad

5 Content Marketing Lessons From Obama

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 4

Although politicians and their marketing teams are generally seen as behind the times, President Barack Obama’s campaign team is a big exception, having effectively leveraged social media to win the 2008 campaign. Now, it looks like they’re ahead of the curve on advertising’s latest big trend: content marketing.

What Makes Good Content Marketing Great?


Content marketing—using content to promote our product or service—is a favorite promotion method of today’s bloggers. Many of us are in the content business, so content marketing makes sense. The activities that come under the umbrella of content marketing are broad. They cover everything from guest posting to uploading content to purpose-built networks (like YouTube or Soundcloud), to offering [...]

If You are Thinking about Content Marketing as an Add-on, You’ve Got It all Wrong


Let me explain. You see another company release a beautiful infographic that seemingly blows up on social media and in your next meeting you suggest “we need to release an infographic.” Next thing you know, Pinterest is all anyone can talk about, and all of a sudden you’re spending more time than you care to admit [...]

25 Little Details That Will Make a BIG Difference at Your Next Event


Throwing a killer marketing event takes tremendous planning and resources; you have to think about attracting PR coverage, turning conversations into sales, and even how you’ll integrate inbound marketing throughout the thing. But you’re a pro — wouldn’t forget big components like that when planning your event.

“New” Rules of Content Marketing; Not So New


None of these rules are new. What is new are some of the channels involved, and the people making content may often be people who weren’t in that game (or, like me, had gotten out of the traditional media content game at some past point). So, are we really talking about new rules for content? No. [...]

Is Your Content Supporting or Sinking Your Thought Leadership Efforts?


It’s time to take a more critical look at thought leadership, and to define what it is and isn’t. Maybe we need the thought leadership equivalent of a Good Housekeeping seal of approval: a set of criteria to separate what’s often passed off as thought leadership from the real deal. The minimum requirements for earning [...]

Use This Content Process to Help You Build Trust


Do you go ahead with their recommendations? Probably — provided you trust them. Trust is huge. If you’ve got the trust of another person, they’ll follow you, buy your products or services, and recommend you to others. If you don’t, they’ll push back, demand concessions on price or terms, and take their business elsewhere. So, any way [...]

5 Ways to Open the Social Side Door and Build Relationships


Social side doors are avenues of access and influence made possible by society’s adoption of social media. It has never been easier to avoid the gatekeepers and engage with decision makers in meaningful ways. It no longer makes sense to compete for attention by traditional means alone, or to stand in line for a chance to be heard. Social side [...]

Why Mobile Content Is So Hard to Get Right


The stakes are high. As technology continuously improves, the percent of content consumed from mobile devices increases. On average, 20% of sites’ content is now being consumed in mobile browsers. But, evolving technology platforms and consumption patterns makes it far more difficult to succeed on mobile than it is on desktop. And the challenge of building a [...]