Today’s Social Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Glance and go content that clearly defines today’s social business, its challenges and the outcome of what a successful social business could be as presented by Michael Brito and curated by Andrea Cook at Explore.

How Sandy Slapped the Snark Out of Twitter


As the big storm bore down, Twitter got very busy and very, very serious.

Consumer Email Behavior: Using Images in Email Marketing

This is the first in an ongoing series where I will be sharing insights from a consumer survey from my firm. As the title suggests, I will be focusing specifically on the email behaviors of consumers. This survey was completed in May 2012 and feature

Google rolls out latest Panda algorithm, quality content marketing can safeguard your site

Google rolled out Panda 3.9 on Tuesday, and about 1 percent of all queries were affected.

The Fleeting Nature Of Twitter: 17 Percent Of Top Searches Change Every Hour


Nearly 20 percent of the top search queries on Twitter at any given moment won’t be a popular search query just one hour later. That’s according to a new research paper that Twitter will present this week at a social media conference. Twitter researchers Jimmy Lin and Gilad Mishne analyzed all search queries on the site [...]

How to Tackle Your Most Aggravating Social Media Marketing Pet Peeves


Among their other duties, marketers are the folks who have the pleasure of interacting with fans and followers across every social platform. And as the number of social networks grow, so do the number of places curious customers can type their questions, vexations, and suggestions.

Is Print Dead or is it that the Strong Survive?


Spoiler alert: We at Tippingpoint Labs absolutely do not believe that print is dead. We believe it is a powerful medium. Having said that, many believe that print is dead as witnessed by the 42 million results Google shows when searched and these sad

Social Media Is A Part Of The User Experience


At the moment, we largely fail to integrate the various channels through which we communicate with our users. Although most social media channels are great at driving traffic to our websites, few websites return the favor to anything at that same level…

6 Tools to Create a Social Media Dashboard


Social media has become a major part of an online strategy or marketing. Where the industry was once dominated by advertisements and databases, now there is a new means of sharing content via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pintrest and others. With this change has come the ability for anyone to reach viral status with the right [...]

3 Ways Companies Can Leverage Social Reviews


Testimonials can be powerful marketing tools. But in the digital age customers have reason to doubt if every good review is a reflection of a good product or a made up comment meant to boost a company’s reputation. Social media testimonials, on the other hand, are harder to fake because there’s generally a person with a [...]